Success Cases

Centro de distribución Sur (South Distribution Center)

  1. South Distribution Center (CDSur) is a B2B company that specializes in marketing cleaning products for businesses. One of their major challenges was to centralize their processes into a single system and customize certain operations within it. Management was fragmented across different systems and manual records.
  2. YiQi ERP was implemented to unify their sales channels (a Vtex website, sales channel on MERCADO LIBRE) and the logistics operation, integrating YiQi with these tools. Continuous customization processes were carried out at a low cost using CUANTICAPPS (a low-code platform software owned by YIQI SA).
  3. Operating with YiQi ERP resulted in centralization, reducing errors and stock shortages in the sales process, unifying and simplifying business rules, and ongoing modeling of YiQi ERP for special processes. It also led to reduced resolution times.
  4. Looking ahead, once the operation is stabilized, there are plans to implement the Quality module of YiQi ERP (ISO 9001, OSHAS 28000, etc.) as well as ongoing work related to process improvement.


  1. FEBO is an Argentine company that produces and sells footwear and clothing. It has been in the market for more than 70 years. The main challenge was to synchronize their physical retail stores with online sales, managing prices and product stocks, as well as being able to view and handle the company’s accounting (tax settlement and payment, journal entries, etc.).
  2. YiQi POS was implemented in the retail stores along with YiQi ERP. This allows for unified management of store stock along with the shopping cart on SHOPIFY.
  3. The result was unified stock, price management (changes) from the headquarters, SHOPIFY integrated with the retail stores. All operations generate automatic journal entries in YiQi ERP, where taxes are also calculated.
  4. Going forward, the expectation is to continue growing the business with a stable management model.